February 2015 – Minutes

CLJP Minutes –February 10, 2015

Monticello Room, WestminsterCanterbury

Present: Chip Sanders, Carroll Houle, Taylor Beard, David Warren, Ed Murray, Dianne Murray, John Peale, Hal Horan, Peter Weatherly, Carol Muntz, Jean Newsom, Bill Kerner, Elizabeth Kerner, Guy Hammond, Bill Gray

Guests: Charles Grant, Interim Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Antoinette Gray, Jean Hammond and Bruce Hammond

 Ed Murray opened the meeting with prayer.  The guests were introduced and Murray asked for a show of hands of those who celebrated their birthdays in January.  Betty Kerner then announced that she and Bill were celebrating their 60th anniversary this very day.  This proved very applause worthy!

 The Minutes of January 13, prepared by Horan, were approved.

No Old Business or Announcements of coming events were mentioned.

Program: three talks were given by members, Jean Newsom, Taylor Beard, Bill Gray on Islamic areas of Libya, the Palestinians and Jordan, respectively, based on The Islamists Are Coming, © 2012 by Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, edited by Robin Wright, a joint fellow at the same center: The Islamists Are Coming.

Jean Newsom added to her chapter on Libya insights from her having lived there with her husband David in the mid 1960s, citing, for instance, the splendid architectural and artistic efforts of the ancient Greek influence on one particular region that is very much worthy of a visit.

Taylor Beard gave a clear and concise presentation of his chapter on the Palestinians

Bill Gray also gave a fine summation of his chapter on Jordan.

Giving a summary of these presentations, however, is beyond this scribe’s capabilities.

As a consolation, I refer you to Robin Wright’s blog, filled articles on just about everything having to do with the Middle East. A true treasure trove! http://robinwrightblog.blogspot.com.  Her book website is http://www.robinwright.net.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.