May 2018 – Minutes

CLJP Minutes May 8, 2018
Monticello Room, Westminster Canterbury

Present: Taylor Beard, Hal Horan, Dave Warren, Peter Weatherly, Bob McAdams, Chip Sanders, Jean Hammond, Carroll Houle, Ed Murray, Diane Murray, John Peale

Warren opened with prayer and  Sanders presided.

The Minutes of April 10 prepared by Weatherly, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Since the April 10 balance of 2,516.85, the only change that Beard reported was a credit of 50.00, since the Charlottesville Chapter of the Virginia Center for Public Policy decided not to negotiate the check issued on December 12, 2017, resulting in a balance for May 8 of 2,566.85.

Beard also submitted  an Annual Financial Report for the 14th Year of Service, detailing the income and expenses, beginning December 12, 2017.  Available upon request.

McAdams reported that our joint sponsored program, Economic Inequality: What’s in Your Wallet,  with Virginia Festival of the Book and Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice on March 22, was well attended and appreciated.


This being the last meeting until September, a review of both the year’s activities, but also of the past history of the 14 years of Clergy & Laity United for Peace and Justice was in order.

Sanders asked Beard first to gave a history of the membership, which started with a variety of mainline Christians, Jews, Unitarian Universalists and even a humanist or two. The late Lincoln Lewis, an African American of the Episcopalian persuasion, often found the topics and the fellowship both enjoyable and important.  Beard also mentioned that Chris Matthews, Phil Best, and Gene Locke have found other ways to be involved in  other activities for church and community.  Hammond also said the reason Carol Muntz has not attended recently is her mourning the death of her husband.

The group could point with pride to our coupling with the Virginia Festival of the Book and securing Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, for an evening that filled the MJK auditorium.  But the efforts at the Haven to activate the Charlottesville community to actual efforts dealing with the problems resulting from economic inequality in such areas as affordable housing and living wages proved to be just too heavy a lift.

After discussing such problems as our limited membership and our increasing years, a consensus formulated to limit our own meetings to discussing current issues involving the struggles for peace and justice and to keep in touch with other groups where our members can make individual  contributions of money and effort.   One book mentioned was The Cross and the Lynching Tree (“They put him to death by hanging him on a tree.” Acts 10:39) by James H. Cone, a professor of theology and prolific author who died recently.  I have appended the obituary which is also a heart-felt and eloquent appreciation that appeared in the Washington Post, on May 7.

Beard assured the group that he will continue as treasurer, the group agreeing that 60.00 was not too large a sum not to continue, especially with our sensitivity to any issue of individual  affordability, and Horan will continue to as recording secretary.

Sanders told the group of his absence in the coming months because his wife is facing serious surgery.

Weatherly gave his assurance of continuing to lead the group, with several of us working with him, this scribe included.

So, it looks like all of us are encouraged to read some books, comb the newspapers, attend some conferences, panels and lectures, and to share them with Weatherly and each other until we meet here again on Tuesday, September 11.

The meeting adjourned at  2:16 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Hal Horan, Recording Secretary