January 2017 – Minutes

CLJP Minutes January 10, 2017
Monticello Room, Westminster Canterbury

Present: Jack Townsend, Taylor Beard, Chip Sanders, Carroll Houle, Hal Horan, Dave Warren, Peter Weatherly, Jean Hammond, Ed Murray, John Peale, Bayard Catron, Burnet Davis, Phil Best, Bill Gray, Gene Locke, Bob McAdams  Guests: Ken Henry, Chris Murray, Laura Brown, Barbara Smith, Bill Weiner

Locke offered prayer, Sanders presided.

The Minutes of December 13, prepared by Diane Murray, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Beard reported a continuing December 13 balance of 5,111.52. an income of 60.00 in dues paid by Brunet Davis, and expenses of An Honorarium of 100.00 paid to Mark Weatherly as the December speaker and 3,000.00 paid to the Virginia Festival of the Book as our sponsorship for the March event, resulted in a balance, as of January 10, of 2,071.52.

Beard has prepared one page itemized budget for 2016, available upon request.

Old and New Business:

Diane Murray, urging the members to “do all that we can to fill the MLK Performing Arts Center [seating 1200]” for the Joseph Stigliz presentation, distributed a simple “How-to-Purchase-Tickets” sheet:

“1. Type in search line: vabook.org, 2. Click on March 24 – An Evening with Joseph Stiglitz under FEATURED PROGRAMS (on the left), 3. Scroll down to “Buy Ticket,” 5. Select the quantity of tickets, 6. Place order and pay with credit card.”

“If you know someone who would like to attend but needs a comp. ticket, please contact a member of the planning committee: Chip, Peter, Bob McAdams, John, Ed or Diane and arrangements will be made.”  The tickets are available now at 5.00 each.


Charlottesville Gathers will sponsor a RALLY in C VILLE on Saturday, January 21, at IX Art Park. Program will include Active Bystander Intervention Training with Claire Kaplan, Mini-march at the Park—10:00 am, Live stream of the D.C. event, on stage entertainment, incl. speakers, music, arts, “and much more!” for more information, visit Charlottesvillegathers.wordpress.com

On Sunday, January 22, 5:00-7:00 pm, at the Free Speech Wall, a vigil will be heldfor the planet earth during the first 100 hours of the Trump administration, sponsored by Wesley Memorial UMC, People’s Planet, Interfaith Power & Light, and Greenfaith

Program: Lauren Snyder Brown who, with her husband Steve Brown founded Casa Alma in 2009 and who describe themselves officially as “the current resident volunteers of a program to develop hospitality houses and a sustainable urban farm as their call to love others as we love ourselves. The couple was inspired by their Catholic faith and the Catholic Worker movement, co-founded by Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and other volunteers first as a radical social justice newspaper, in New York, in 1933 “as part of their effort to live the charity and justice of the gospels.”

Volunteer seems to be the key word here.  It connotes both a sense of radical humility and radical freedom.  There are no professionals at Casa Alma, just souls, called to love each other as they love themselves, the greatest authority going to those who have the greatest need of food, clothing and shelter, even or especially those who are hardest to love or approve.  As Laura Brown said, in effect, if it isn’t difficult, it isn’t a sacrifice.  All of this takes place at 911 Nassau Street where everyone is invited to be a volunteer, which may well involve leaving your comfort zone and becoming open to something which is much greater than your little corner of the world.

Laura shared other organization that Alma House is involved with: UVA Living Wage Campaign, Impact, Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund, Virginia Organizing, PHAR – Public Housing Association of Residents, SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice), and Together Cville.

And the 3.3 million in the City Council budget for low income housing.

Of those organizations, the one that got the most discussion was the UVA living Wage Campaign—the chief one being how to maintain continuity when a significant portion of the members are students.

One of the ways your organization can gain leverage with a community’s power brokers, is to have someone on your side who is personally acquainted with one or more of the governing members.  That presence can give you a greater assurance that you will get a more complete hearing.

The meeting adjourned at 1:48.

Respectfully Submitted
Hal Horan, Recording Secretary