January 2016 – Minutes

CLJP Minutes –January 12, 2016
Monticello Room, Westminster Canterbury

Present: Chip Sanders, Carroll Houle, John Peale, Hal Horan, Guy Hammond, Jean Hammond, Bob McAdams, Phil Best, Betty Kerner, Bill Kerner, Dave Warren, Ed Murray, Diane Murray, Peter Weatherly, Eugene Locke, Jim McDonald, Carol Muntz, Nancy and Bill Bonner? Don Necterline?

Murray opened the meeting with prayer.

The Minutes of November 10, prepared by Horan, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Taylor Beard again reminded us that we have some funds that we could effectively invest in certain social causes, and that the annual dues of 60.00 each is a suggested figure not a minimum.  Members are encouraged only to give what they figure they can afford. Those wishing a detailed budget for 2015 may get in touch with Beard or yours truly for a copy.

Murray alerted the members to the presence of a two page sign up sheet in which the steering group composed of Murray, Peale and Sanders propose “that we establish two committees (maybe three or four of us on each) to put some real flesh on what are presently only ideas and dreams.”

THE FORUM COMMITTEE would have the following preliminary agenda: (I will serve as organizing chair for the first meeting)

  1. Review all possible structures (e.g., one speaker, one evening OR seek partnership with, say the Festival of the Book or other organization)
  2. Propose a theme
  3. Propose presenter(s)
  4. Propose venue, date and budget.
  5. Propose funding sources

THE INTERNET COMMITTEE would have the following preliminary agenda (I’ll ask Peter Weatherly to serve as organizing chair):

  1. Study similar Internet services to familiarize ourselves with various  approaches and functionalities.
  2. Propose content guidelines
  3. Seek out area partners (IMPACT, C’ville Peace & Justice Center PACEM, etc.)
  4. Develop a concise business plan with budget”

Members are encouraged to sign up for one committee or both by getting in touch with Murray, Peale or Sanders.

Peale reported that the January/February issue of Foreign Affairs is dedicated to “Inequality: What Causes It?  Why it Matters? And What Can Be Done?”

Program: A look into The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger

By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, Bloomsbury Press, 2009 consisting of John Peale who provided an introduction to the book, with three of our members dealing with four chapters in Part Two: The Costs of Inequality—Haran on Chapter 4 Community Life and Social Relations and Chapter 5 Mental Health and Drug Use; Diane Murray on Chapter 6 Physical Health and Life Expectancy and Bob McAdams on Chapter 8 Educational Performance

Because I was a member of the panel I have elected to place each presentation or each summary in a pdf file which is attached to these minutes.  Any one not able to access a pdf is encouraged email me and I will make sure you receive them via the US Postal Service.

The meeting adjourned at 2:03 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Hal Horan