November 2015 – Minutes

CLJP Minutes –November 10, 2015
Monticello Room, Westminster Canterbury

Present: Chip Sanders, Carroll Houle, John Peale, Hal Horan, Guy Hammond, Jean Hammond, Bob McAdams, Phil Best, Betty Kerner, Bill Kerner, Dave Warren, Ed Murray, Diane Murray, Peter Weatherly
Guests: Inga Hull, Jean Locke, Nancy and Bill Bonner, Don Necterline

John Peale introduced our five guests and opened the meeting with prayer.

The Minutes of October 13, prepared by Horan, were approved.

  • Announcements: McAdams distributed and described the following upcoming event next Sunday, November 15, 3:00 pm at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church Unitarian Universalist, 717 Rugby Rd.
  • Daniel R. Metraux will speak on the following topic:

Japanese Occupation and the U.S. Media

The Japanese occupation of Korea (1904 -1945) was known for its brutality. Japan did its best to assimilate Korean culture into their own and to enslave its population forcing hundreds of thousands of young women to become sex slaves and obliging young Korean men to work in Japanese factories or to serve in its army.

The Japanese press used American journalists to sway American opinion in favor of Japan’s seizure of Korea. These journalists acted as a perfect propaganda tool for the Japanese. How does this reach down to the present and what impacts have been felt internationally? Join us for this penetrating and insightful free presentation.

McAdams also shared his involvement a new progressive radio station, WPBC, 94.7 on the Fm dial (, and encouraged others to do so as well as it is run mostly by volunteers. The progressive radio station carries such listings as Democracy Now featuring Amy Goodman and the Thom Hartman program, featuring the New York Times best selling author.

Peale recommended a book that applies to our current study of Income Inequality– The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson

Program: Murray led the group in a discussion of three areas that are essential to the continuation of Clergy and Laity United for Justice and Peace— our ongoing monthly meetings that feed a common desire for fellowship, finding comfort in shared interests and values,  interesting subjects to discuss and share with others, and a welcoming attitude equally for other faiths and those who reject all creeds; our web page,; and our sponsored forums, from The Role of Religion in Politics: Jewish, Christian, & Islamic Perspectives to Taxes, Liberty, and the Common Good, featuring the Washington Post Columnist E.J. Dionne.

One of our problems the lack to getting the good ideas and concepts shared in our meetings beyond ourselves.  This led to sharing ideas for the use of our web site.  Peter Weatherly was applauded for vastly improving the website and bringing it up to date with some previous presentations that can be read.

One discussion centered on how meetings can be video taped for the website, another that we use television and radio to let folks know of our meetings, forums and website.  The new station, WPBC, would be an obvious and immediate possibility.  Members can also advertise freely by mentioning CLUJP in their emails.  One suggestion was for members promote CLUJP as they engage in their various social action activities, carrying the website address with a brief description on their calling cards or leaving a pamphlet or two or three on a table in a well traveled hallway.

To get the caliber of Forum speaker(s) we know will have an impact in the community at large costs money, hence the need for co-sponsors.  If the subject is truly vital, a Friday evening through Saturday afternoon would be a good way to fully and therefore adequately cover it.

Having the new, improved website projected on the large screen was a great help.

December 8, 2015: Effects of Economic Inequality in the work of Robert Reich, including recorded interviews. Presenter: Ed Murray

The meeting adjourned at 1:57 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Hal Horan