There are members of Clergy and Laity United who would be happy to make presentations to church, synagogue, or other groups dealing with the religious foundations of moral values and social justice. General topical areas include issues of church and state, faith and public policy; biblical and theological mandates for progressive religion and social justice; critique of aspects of American popular religion, ideology and aspiration; issues surrounding terrorism and holy war; the evolution and “intelligent design” debate; and specific moral concerns such as care for the environment, economic justice, reproductive health, justice for gay and lesbian persons, adequacy of health care, biomedical research and aging.


Available CLJP Speakers and Topics

While members of Clergy and Laity United share essential values and a commitment to social justice, we represent various traditions and are not necessarily of one mind on every issue. Our aim therefore in the programs we support and presentations we make is not to insist on unanimity of opinion but to promote robust moral discourse in a context of reason and mutual respect.

To contact speakers, find listings in the Charlottesville area telephone directory (or call Directory Assistance for calls from outside this area) or write to us for information at our email address, info@CLUJP.org.

  • Guy Hammond
    • Conscience in public and private
    • Contemporary theologians on meaning in history (or on America’s special vocation in the world)
    • Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich on religion and politics
  • Harold Horan
    • Evolution and intelligent design
  • William May
    • Guidance on the church’s role in politics: Christ as prophet, priest, and king
    • Leadership in a democracy: what it takes morally
    • Terrorism as political strategy and religious ecstasy
    • Health care: a fringe benefit or a common good?
    • Stem cell research and genetic enhancement explored in the setting of the human condition and prospect
    • Aging: from fate to calling
  • David McFarlane
    • The biblical mandate for progressive religion
    • Reproductive health as a stewardship/justice issue
    • Gay and lesbian justice as a biblical mandate
  • Owen Norment
    • The churches’ voice on public policy issues: what’s appropriate and what’s not
    • Biblical faith and environmental responsibility
    • Disarming the apocalypse: a rebuttal of catastrophic “rapture” theology in favor of positive, Earth-friendly eschatology
  • John Peale
    • Christianity and the American empire